Major Venues For Raas Festival

Sri Sri Dakhinpat Satra

Dakhinpat, Majuli

Sri Sri Auniati Satra

Auniali, Majuli

Sri Sri Uttar Kamalabari Satra

Kamalabari, Majuli

Sri Sri Bhogpur Satra

Bhogpur, Majuli

Sri Sri Bengenaati Satra

Bengenaati, Majuli

Sri Sri Samoguri Satra

Samoguri, Majuli

Sri Sri Garamur Satra

Garamur, Majuli

Sri Sri Natun Kamalabari Satra

Kamalabari, Majuli

Raas in Sri Sri Dakhinpat Satra

The script of the Raas of Dakhinpat Satra was written by the Late Sattradhikar Basudev Goswami in 1840. The worshipfull deity (idol) is Vrindavan Chandra. In this ceremony an artificial vrinavana is decorated in the eastern most part of the prayer Hall (Kirtanghar) wherein the idol of lord “Vrindavan Chandra” is placed.

The entire ceremony runs for three days activities such as

First day activities: Arati , Gayan-Bayan,oja-pali, etc are displayed.

Second day activities: The idol “Vrindavan Chandra” is placed . Then Nam-Praasnga, Gayan-Bayan, Oja-Pali etc.are to be performed. The idol is to be worshipped by the priest (Pujari). At night on this day , the enactment of Raas-Leela is started at the western part of the kirtanghara simultaneously to the worship the idol. The Lord Krishna and Balorama makes appearance to the enclosure and the priest (Pujari) will pay abeisance with “ Pancha-Upachar” to them.

Third day activities: On this day the festival occasion “Indravishek” is observed. After this the idol “Vrindavan Chandra” is reinstalled to the original place after completion of reverential-circumambulation of the same. Only male are customarilly allowed to act here.

Raas in Sri Sri Auniati Satra

In Sri Sri Auniati Satra the holy idol “Radha Krishna Jugol Murti” is worshiped . Script was written by the Late Sattradhikar Dutta Dev Goswami in 1863 A.D. It comprises three steps of observations viz- (i) Rasa Puja, (ii) Nam-prasanga and (iii) Rasa Abhinaya.

On the day of Rasa Purnima the holy idol Radha Krishna Jugal Murti is installed at the eastern part of the Kirtanghar (Prayer Hall). The Priest (Pujari) then worships it and simultaneously rasa recital is displayed at the western part of the same. Krishna and Balorama the Lord, are prayed by the priest when they enter into the onlookers.

Raas in Sri Sri Uttar Kamalabari Satra

The Raas Leela perfomed in this Satra is primarily “Guru Axon” centric. Since the establishment of this satra the Raas has been celebrated at the “Kirtanghara” in native language. The script of Raas Leela was written by Late Sunanda Bayan and by using this script Raas Leela has been performed on the stage since 1980. It may be worth mentioning that here in 2017 a different version of Raas Leela was scripted keeping at the core the play “Keli Gopala” of Srimanta Sankardeva. It was produced by the Satradhikar Janardan Deva Goswami and Scripted by Sri Karuna Borah. Technically it is an improvised script of “Keli Gopal”. This play comprises the episodes of Sishu-Leela, Dhenukasura Badha, Kalio Damana also. A modern coloring was also infused in it by introducing some real life situation scenes using the water body (pond) adjacent to the stage.

During the Raas festival, food is arranged and catered to thousands of visitors. The festival has been able to be a massive crowd puller as a result of the organization of Bhagawat recitation, “Dihanam” competition etc during the day time. This year performance of Raas by troupes from Manipur and Mathura-Vrindavan at this Satra will definitely integrate Raas festival a long way ahead.

Raas in Sri Sri Bhogpur Satra

Traditional Raas Leela with a fusion of changing style of dance, drama and music are some specialities of this Satra. Male devotees will take part in presentations of different scenes of Raas Leela.

Raas in Sri Sri Bengenaati Satra

The worshipful deity of Sri Sri Bengenaati Satra is “ Govinda Mahaprabhu”. The script was written by late Satradhikar Krishnaram Deva in 1852. Later an another script was written by the late Sattradhikar Purnananda Deva in 1918 A.D. On the day of Raas Purnima the holy idol Govinda Mahaprabhu is worshiped by the priest (Pujari). On the day prayer-session Nitya Prosanga and cultural item are displayed. At night the Maharaas is performed at the western portion of the prayer Hall.

Raas in Sri Sri Samoguri Satra

In Sri Sri Chamaguri Satra the holy idol “Sri Sri Vrindavan Chandra“ is worshipped. This Satra has been displaying the “KeliGopal” Since 1856. Later on, it was improvised by late Saishab Chandra Goswami with addition of Janma Yatra, Nandotshav, Dadhi Mathan, Kalio Daman etc. During the day-prasanga Abahani Geet, Kirtan, Nam Prasanga etc. activities are done. It is worth mentioning that this Satra becomes famous for making various kind of masks used as Aharya Abhinaya in Raas celebration: Aghasura, Bakasura, Dhenukasura, Kali Sarpa (Masks/Ettigies) etc.

Raas in Sri Sri Garamur Satra

The idol worshiped in the Raas of Sri Sri Garamur Sattra is known as “Banshigopal”. The Script was written by the late Sattradhikar Pitambardeva Goswami in 1946. On the day of Raas Purnima customarily the idol is worshipped and at the same time the Raas recital is to be displayed at the western part of the Kirtanghara (Prayer Hall).

It is to be noted that under the holy ideology of this sattradhikar it was made possible the co-acting (both boys and girls) in Raas (festival) performance for the first time in Majuli. A convenient auditorium named “Tarun Ranga Mancha” later “ Banchigopal Natya Mondir” was built for its stage entertainment in 1920 .

Raas in Sri Sri Natun Kamalabari Satra

Traditional Raas Leela with a fusion of changing style of dance, drama and music are some specialities of this Satra. Male devotees will take part in presentations of different scenes of Raas Leela.

Other Venues

Sri Sri Bonshigopal Natyamandir

Majuli Milan Sangha

Sri Sri Madhabdev Kristi Kendra

Khanachuk, Garamur
Anchalik Janata Kristi Sangha

Kharjanpar Milita Kristi Sangha

Mohorichuk Nabajyoti yuva Sangha

Nalduar Janajati yuvak Sangha

Chitadarchuk Yuvak Sangha

Sri Sri Madhabdev Sanskrit Samaj
Kakoti Bari
Natun Khalihamari Raas Utsav Committee
Bongaon Rang Ghar

Sri Sri Adibihimpur Satra

Adibihimpur Satra
Majuli Kalpataru Kristi Sangha
Sri Sri Notun Tinpotiya Hari Mandir
Salmora Yuvak Sangha

Ratanpur Rang Ghar

Ratanpur Srimanta Kristi Sangha
Majuli Milan Kristi Mandir

Kamargaon Sankari Kala Kristi Bikash Kendra
Kamar gaon
Nabajyoti Yuvak Sangha Aidew Sandikoi Naat Ghar
Gayan Gaon Nabajyoti Kristi Sangha
Jyoti Samaj Kalyan Sangha

Kamar Gaon Rupali Yuva Sangha
Ujoni Chapori Kristi Sangha

Nabajyoti Kristi Sangha

Rangachahi Progoti Rangamancha
Major Deori Rangamancha

Major Deori
Sonariati Nabajyoti Kristi Sangha
Suryuday Anchalik Sanskritik Bikash Kendra
Pahumara NathGaon
Madhya Majuli Milan Sangha

Sri Ram Anchalik Kristi Sangha
Sri Ram
Mudoibil Milan Jyoti Rangamancha
Bhakatiduar Anchalik Jyoti Rang Ghar
Sanmilito Silpi Samaj

Ratanpur Srimanta Kristi Sangha
Ratanpur Lahon
Ujoni Majuli Nabajyoti Milan Sangha
Luitporiya Anchalik Rangamancha
Ujoni Majuli Milan Sangha

Naya Bazar
Kumarbari Yuvak Sangha

Sati Radhika Natya Mandir

Baghar Gaon
Srimanta Sankardev Kristi Sangha,
Garamur Saru Satra
Donyi Polo Kristi Kebang

Luitporiya Sanmilito Sankari sangha
Poram Anchalik Kristi Sangha

Dhuachala garh
Milita Kristi Sangha

Luitporiya milit Kristi Sangha

Tarun Natya Samaj

Gowal Gaon
Sankar Madhab Milon Kristi Sangha
Dakhin Ahataguri
Sri Sri anirudhadev Kristi Sangha
Yuva Samannay Kristi Sangha